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Services Offered

  • Services Offered under Cluster Development Programme include:

    DSR & DPR preparation

    APITCO carries out comprehensive study of the proposed cluster and identifies the potential for formation of the cluster for the benefit of the SMEs and prepares a Diagnostic Study Report based on the potential for formation of the Cluster.

    Subsequently, a Detailed Project Report with the details of the Cluster and the services required to be provided, the Infrastructure that is required to be developed and the financial requirements and the financial feasibility of implementation of the Project is provided.

    Soft Interventions

    Based on the identified Soft interventions that are required to be provided for improvement of the earning capability of the SMEs participating in the cluster, APITCO implements the Soft interventions, which usually include Skill Up-gradations, Technological Up-gradations, Market Linkages and formation of the new Associations.

    Hard Interventions

    Requirement of the Hard intervention are generally identified at the stage of preparation of DPRs. Based on the requirement and funding, implementation of Hard interventions which include establishment of the infrastructure to be used commonly by the SMEs in the cluster is done.

    The services as a Project Management Consultant in establishment of the identified infrastructure in the cluster also extended.