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Micro Enterprise Development

  • Services in this domain includes:

       -    Identification of viable investment opportunities
       -    Evaluation of concept
       -    Identification and selection of Potential Entrepreneurs
       -    Entrepreneurial Counseling and Motivation
       -    Preparation of Project Schemes
       -    Technical advice and Guidance on Machinery/ Equipment selection
       -    Facilitate financial linkages with Banks/Financial Institutions and Government schemes for incentives.
       -    Provide guidance and facilitate in obtaining requisites approvals & licenses from various
            Government Departments.
       -    Hand holding in establishment of the unit and carrying out business of the unit.

    Livelihood Development

    APITCO is involved in promotion of Income Generating Activities in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa.

    The Organisation has worked with ILO, JICA, Government of India, Government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of Orissa in extending these services to the segments such as Women, Minorities, people affected by calamities, Rural Poor & tribals.

    Some of the activities that are undertaken in this segment are:

       -    Resource mapping and identification of the areas for promotion of income generation activities and improve
       -    Carrying out capacity building programmes to utilize the resources for income generation.
       -    Carrying out livelihood promotion activities for an increase in the income of the target group.

    Entrepreneurship Development Programme

    Entrepreneurship Development Programmes is one of the main activities of the Organisation, which includes:

       -    Carrying out capacity building programmes with regards to the Entrepreneurial skills.
       -    Creating Awareness of various schemes and policies of the Government that encourage
       -    Hand holding the enthusiastic Entrepreneurs and helping them set up the enterprises and manage
            them successfully.