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Services Offered

  • Techno-Economic Viability Assessment

    APITCO provides these services to the Banks, Financial Institutions and also the Entrepreneurs. Under this segment, a detailed study of the Technology as well as the Financial viability of the project is done.

    Project Identification


    Services of Project Identification and project advisory services to the interested and prospective Entrepreneurs, based on the available resources which include Material, Market, Money, Manpower and Machinery.

    Feasibility Studies & DPR preparation


    Technical and Financial consulting services in assessment of the project and preparation of the feasibility of the project. The service includes the activities from Conceptualisation to Financial closure.


    APITCO carries out study on available Technologies, potential target markets, pricing fluctuations, financial requirements and continuous improvement plans, and prepares a comprehensive Detailed Project Report, which can be used by the Entrepreneur for seeking financial support from the Banks and Financial Institutions.

    Project Appraisals for Banks & Financial Institutions


    Assist the banks in analysing the project that is proposed, the target markets that are proposed, financial feasibility and also assessment of the requirement of the Financial Assistance sought by the Entrepreneur in setting up of or operating the enterprise.

    Lenders Independent Engineer Services

    APITCO acts as an extended arm of the Banks and Financial Institutions in monitoring the works being implemented by the Entrepreneur to whom the loan is extended by the Banks/Financial Institutions.

    It includes regular inspection of the progress of the works vis-à-vis the project reports submitted at the time of sanction of the loan and advise the Banks/ Financial Institution on the progress of the works.

    Asset Valuation

    APITCO provides professional services for valuation of the Assets including collateral properties.