Project Profiles


1. Gypsum Based Building Materials 31. Baby Feeding Bottles

2. Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals and Alternate Medicines

32. CLC & Sand Lime Bricks

3. Multi product sulphonation plant 33. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container
4. Adhesives_and_sealants 34. Foundary Sand
5. Cocoa Processing plant 35. Ginning Mill
6. Disinfectants 36. Honey Processing Profile
7. Essential oils and perfumery chemical 37. Individual Quick Freezing
8. Multi product bulk drug 38. Mango Processing & Canning Unit
9. Anticorrosive paints 39. NPK Fertilizers
10. Liquid glucose and Invert sugar 40. PET Bottles
11. Electronic grade chemicals 41. Plastic Ropes
12. Road maintenance products 42. Rice Mill
13. Senior citizen care 43. Seamless Pipes & Tubes
14. Synthetic sweeteners 44. Spinning Mill
15. Seamless Pipe Fittings 45. Thermoform Disposables
16. Malt from barley and other cereals 46. Welding Electrodes
17. Vacuum tube collectors for solar energy 47. Clinical Research _I,II & III
18. Fish farming in cages 48. AKD ASA Paper Sizing Chemicals
19. Fly ash sand lime bricks 49. DAL Analogue from Soya
20. Wine Project 50. Fiber Glass Project
21. Cenospheres from fly ash 51. Flours and Isolated Proteins From Oil Meals
22. Butter substitutes 52. Magnesium and Sodium Metals
23. Soya Bean Processing Complex 53. Magnesium Oxychloride- Fly ash boards
24. Polyols and USP resins from PET[1] 54. Maize Dry Milling
25. Refrigeration_using_solar_energy[1] 55. Organo Metallics Project
26. Engineered wood 56. RO Membranes
27. Exipients for pharmaceuticals 57. Silicate Chemicals and Zeolites
28. Rechargeable battery    
29. Aerated concrete    
30. Slow Release- Specialty Fertilizer Project    

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