Our Objectives

Our Objectives

Creating Employment Potential by developing skills, unleash the entrepreneurial capacities of people, strengthen artisans with new skills, mentor & inspire women enterprises and bring them in main stream development, handholding startups & technopreneurs, promoting urban, rural & tribal livelihoods, and fostering social entrepreneurship.

Increasing Economic Value for promoters and investors by providing appropriate guidance through investment appraisal of projects, formulating projects for startups, providing rehabilitation, restructuring & revival strategies of sick units, resolving non-performing assets, conducting technical; financial & legal due diligence, support them with detailed engineering, end-to-end project management, designing expansion, modernization & diversification strategies.

Accelerating Infrastructure development by planning for industrial parks, guiding food & agriculture businesses, strengthening the business of tourism & leisure, planning for urban renewal & smart cities, appraising transportation projects, facilitating housing & real estate projects, catering to healthcare & education projects.

Ensuring Sustainability Commitment by enabling technologies for clean energy & clean water, formulating integrated waste management projects, designing strategies for pollution prevention, planning for minimizing environmental impact, monitoring & inventorizing green-house gases (GHG), assisting in managing natural resources, augmenting technologies to reduce carbon footprint.

Managing Resources and Innovation through sectorial innovation studies, innovation in MSME clusters, designing techno-metrics, facilitating technology knowhow, enable enterprises encash intellectual capital, R & D planning and management, and commercializing technologies.

Partnering in Governance Transformation by providing strategic direction, reformulating, monitoring & evaluating government schemes /programmes, assessing public impact, drawing socio-economic baselines, conducting policy analysis & policy research, undertaking sectoral reforms studies, and planning for sustainable development.

Proactivating Organizations by formulating strategic plans, technological forecasting for decision making, data analytics for anticipatory management, modeling & simulation for large scale systems, optimization studies, scanning for alternate futures & foresight studies, and development of development scenarios.